So, why “Playshops”?   Simple, there’s no work when you’re having fun!

Introduction to the Drum Circle

These “Facilitated” style drum circles are designed to help the beginners, encourage those that have never touched a drum, and bring the wisdom of more experienced players into a playful atmosphere of fun and experimentation. Perfect for beginners and “people without rhythm”, these circles explore rhythmic possibilities with a specific direction, as opposed to the more chaotic “public” circles. Excellent for schools and children’s groups (recommended grade 4 and up).

All you need is space and a some friends. I will supply a few drums and other rhythmic noisemakers. If you have a drum, bring it! Better yet, bring an extra to share!

$10 per person, with a minimum of 10 people. Maximum is restricted by space alone.

Contact Don to schedule a Drum Circle.